About Sebastien

When I decided to set up this business, my mentor told me, ‘The first person you bring on needs to be the person you’d trust with your life’. I knew instantly that person was Sebastien Poujade. There was just one catch - he was living his best life on the South Pacific paradise island of Bora Bora.

Luckily, after a 2-year break, Sebastien was looking to come back to Sydney with his wife and two young daughters, Sophie and Alice, to secure their education. After an open hearted conversation about how great the upper North Shore is for young families, I managed to convince Sebastien to move to the Upper North Shore - and I had my right-hand man.

Why was I so keen to get him on board? The list is endless. Originally from France, Sebastien moved to Australia 15 years ago, and quickly set about making his mark on the sales and marketing scene, excelling in high-end sales with Audi Centre Sydney. Sebastien is a rising star and has been instrumental in driving business across the Upper North Shore. And he’s one of the best people out there. Authentic, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, honest - no wonder clients love him. Sebastien is totally dedicated to getting the job done well, with an incredible work ethic combined with strong ethical values.

Sebastien also holds a Masters in Marine Biology, which is why he spent the past two years working as a coral gardener in Bora Bora and exploring French Polynesia with his family. Now that he has moved to the Upper North Shore, Sebastien and his family are loving the fantastic walking tracks of Wahroonga and Warrawee national parks.

I’m excited to see where Sebastien’s latest career change takes him and I just know he’s going to smash it. He brings his impressive sales and marketing expertise and his drive for providing incredible levels of service to the real estate industry, and we’re lucky to have him. Having always been a keen investor in real estate, Sebastien has an acute understanding of the importance of our role in securing people the best possible properties and prices.

Having worked together at Audi years ago, I’m stoked to have the dream team back together - and looking forward to what we can achieve in this new venture.