Our Value

The brand (what we stand for)

Aptaker & Associates is the perfect fit for driven, successful agents who are ready to branch out on their own, but who don’t want the time, effort and expense of setting up their own companies. With & Associates, you benefit from a collaborative environment and cutting-edge back-end systems – but your company is your own. Your brand is your own. What you do and how you do it is all down to you.

Founded by industry expert Sash Aptaker, & Associates is a family business with an ethos of cooperation, family values, hard work and unbeatable levels of customer service. Everyone involved strives to build a business based on honesty, loyalty and collaboration. Success for one is success for all, which is a mantra we live by.

Our agents work locally, across Australia, in the cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas that we love and live in. We’re active and valued members of the community, and we never forget that it’s an honour and a privilege to take care of what’s most likely our clients’ biggest asset – their family home. The care and attention we give to each and every client reflects that deep understanding.

We live by two values: to do the right thing by our owners and to do the right thing by each other.