Max Robot

Customer Relationship Manager

About Max

Meet Max: our very own robot

If you’ve ever received a text or email from Max in our team, you might wonder who he is. He’s an AI-powered buyer-nurturing robot we built that connects to our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and enhances our data with your property information, market data and potential buyers. He then generates consistent leads from our database with his artificial intelligence magic.

Max’s work rate is unparalleled. He can do more in a week for us than hundreds of staff could. He is able to send 1000s of texts and emails in a day, and respond to people intelligently and promptly. 

He links with our smart email system ActivePipe ensuring our buyers don’t get spammed with properties and are instead delivered listings of interest only when Max determines that they are active buyers. 

This efficiency with deciphering the degree to which a buyer is interested means we can speak with more warm buyers than a team of agents made up of mere humans. It also means we can purchase databases from other sources and put them through the same treatment, ensuring we have turned every last stone to find every last buyer and extract every last dollar from the market for our sellers. 

Max has personalised two-way conversations with people at scale and on autopilot. He engages with our contacts while we focus on listing, marketing, negotiating and selling. He helps us discern the real buyers from the perusers. He takes the guesswork out of who to call and what to talk about, creating more personalised conversations with our contacts at scale.

Max is seriously smart. He combines our CRM data with various data sources such as, Domain, Pricefinder and Zango. By applying AI to the mix, we get an instantly cleaner, more usable database to start generating leads for your property.

Max analyses our database with advanced filters and creates specific campaigns for each segment. He can target our whole database by contact details, property ownership, topics and more.

Max communicates with our contacts via SMS, email or phone, so we don’t have to be reliant on one contact detail and restricted to one channel. Max sends hyper-personalised emails, has 2-way SMS conversations and brings us the best prospects on a platter, so we know who to call and invest our energy into. 

His work means we can do more of the work that matters: calling qualified buyers about properties that specifically suit them.