About Natalie

Honestly, if you don’t have an assistant in this business - then you are an assistant. And luckily for me - I have the best of the best. When I was looking for mine, my wife Natalie threw her hat into the ring. I wasn’t sure at first, but then she said something that really hit home: ‘Who’s going to look after your clients better than me and care about them more than me?’ And it was a lightbulb moment.

There’s literally no one else in the world who will work harder and be more invested in the success of the business and the happiness of our clients. We’ll work all hours of the day and night - if our clients call us at 11pm, it’s unlikely that anyone but family would be there to get things sorted. The reality is that we’re always on. One of the best things about Natalie is that she’ll never let anyone down - she’s just bulletproof like that.

House selling and buying is a pressured, stressful time and, luckily, Natalie works amazingly well under pressure, bringing in her amazing people skills to reassure and calm clients at the tensest of times. She’s run her own businesses for years, as a hairdresser and a custom cake baker, and exceptional customer service has always been a huge part of her success.

With a laser eye for detail and awesome creative flair, Natalie is focused on your family home from start to finish. From interior styling, to repairs and maintenance, she has an array of industry connections ready to ensure your home is second to none in a competitive market. She works closely with all our buyers to build great relationships and place them in their dream home.

Natalie and I have four kids and a couple of dogs, so it’s a busy household but we’re an amazing family unit, and Nat’s the boss of us all - at home and at work. I’ve got to be honest, though, she’s also the best assistant - heck, the best employee - I’ve ever had.