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The idea (why we do it this way)

There comes a point when the typical real estate business model simply doesn’t work for an ambitious agent. & Associates was created to fill this major gap in the market. Like many other agents, Sash Aptaker became frustrated with the current norms – feeling undervalued, limited and restricted. He knew there had to be a better way.

Every agent knows there are natural friction points when you’ve been working for a company for a while and you’ve built a name and a reputation. Namely:

When you’re no longer getting value for commission split with the business as you no longer need the same level of tutelage.

When you’re a familiar face in the market – you’re becoming a brand in your own right, and you’ve got a whole load of great ideas that you’re not allowed to run with. You can’t promote your brand in the way you want; you have to adhere to the company style, brand and strategies.

When you know you should probably go out on your own, but it’s too much work, too daunting and too expensive to implement all the back-end systems and support that you need.

Enter & Associates: designed to completely remove all these friction points and provide smart, savvy agents with the platform they need to thrive.

The benefits (how it works better than the status quo)

With & Associates, we provide advanced back-end systems and all the support you need to successfully run your own company. You’ll have the backing of what’s soon to become a prominent, recognised name. But with complete freedom to run your brand and your company the way you want to.

You’ll have access to the collaborative, supportive and expert & Associates team, but you’ll market yourself as an independent brand. We know a vendor signs up an individual, not a firm – and now you can fully take advantage of this. You can promote your own personal brand with no restrictions on what you do and how you do it. You can run your company your way.

The potential for growth is huge. & Associates gives you every opportunity for success, with none of the barriers of the traditional model.

The fit (you belong with us if…)

You’ve already cut your teeth in the industry.

You’re ambitious, committed and motivated, with an impressive track record of sales.

You’re exceptional at what you do, and have built a strong reputation and a large customer base, much of it driven by referrals.

But you’re feeling limited and restricted – hungry for more. You know you can do better if you’re given the chance to shine. With & Associates, the only limitations are your own.

 It’s our goal to have high-performing & Associates in every suburb, in every town, in every state in Australia. Are you going to be one of them?