THE ETHOS [What we stand for]
To do the right thing and get the right results
You are looking to sell what is probably your biggest, most important asset: your home. We are advisors, marketers and negotiators with a laser focus on getting the best possible price for you. With drive, passion and honesty, we stop at nothing to ensure you walk away with the best possible outcome. And we do whatever we can to make it an exceptional experience at the same time.
We’re not afraid to push the envelope, working tirelessly to secure you the optimal result. You and your asset sit front and centre of every decision, move, and innovation we make. With smart strategies and deep market insights combined with a culture of hard work and lasting integrity, we’re confident that we’re the winning team – and we want to bring you with us.
With refreshing candour and a friendly, down-to-earth attitude, we build lasting connections with clients, industry and everyone we meet along the way. As experts in the Upper North Shore market, we know what we’re doing. We live here, we work here, we’re raising families here. Let us help you make the most of our market’s enduring popularity with buyers local and abroad.

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